Copy of Smooth Detangling Brush

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Whether your hair is kinky, curly, wavy or straight the QOD Smooth Detangling Brush has been engineered to tame your tangles and smooth your coils and cut detangling time in half! It makes Detangling 3c and 4c hair less painful stress free and on 2a-3b hair a breeze! Queen of Diamonds Smoothing Detangling Brush is a great compliment to our QOD Healthy Hair System!! After you have shampooed and deep conditioned your hair with QOD Silkening Conditioner still applied (is optional) or rinsed. We recommend using the Smooth Detangling Brush right after! It comes with a locking clip to lock down the bristles from moving too much. Also recommended for our Grab and Go wigs!

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